Medium Duty Trucking

Trucks are not necessarily your business, but they play an important part in keeping you in business.

They help your employees make timely service calls or deliveries to customers and other local retailers.

Your trucks are how your business does business. And if you want to take that business further, you need to find a way to squeeze every bit of performance, reliability and fuel economy you can out of your fleet of light and medium duty trucks. Fortunately, the energy specialists at FS can help you do that. While others market whatever comes out of the terminal, we formulate our own premium fuels and lubricants to meet and exceed OEM standards. Our products can help you improve fuel efficiency, extend drain intervals, lower maintenance costs and keep your trucks on the road making you money.

So when you count on your trucks to keep your business growing, count on FS to help you keep them moving.


FS Suprex Gold ESP SAE 15W-40 Engine Oils
SURE-FLO Diesel Additives
Dieselex Gold Diesel Fuel


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