Whether you’re running a grain or livestock operation, or both simultaneously, the key to success is maximizing profitability.

To take your farm further, you need to find new ways to increase performance and curtail costs. And when it comes to reducing the cost of fueling and maintaining your farm equipment, no one is in a better position to help than the energy specialists at FS.

We formulate our own fuels and lubricants to meet and exceed OEM standards. Our products can help you improve fuel efficiency, extend drain intervals, lower your maintenance costs and keep your equipment running smoothly.

You may know that FS started as an energy supplier to farmers and rural areas in 1925. Our longevity in this business speaks volumes about our far-reaching energy expertise, and our track record is one of the best in the industry. So if you're looking for ways to extend your profitability, count on the energy experts at your local FS to help you go further.


FS Suprex Gold ESP SAE 15W-40 Engine Oils
FS Spectra Lube Green Semi-Synthetic Grease Grease
FS Clean Flow™ Gasoline Products


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