Introducing FS Lube Advisor℠

New Web Site for High Performance FS Lubricants and Fluids

We are excited to announce the new web site is now available to the public.   The new web site advises users of the recommended FS lubricants, coolants, or greases for their specific on-road or off-road equipment.  It is accessible on the web for computers, tablets, and phones.


So how does FS Lube Advisor work?  A computer database is updated monthly with new information from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)s.  The information includes OEM specifications, fill quantities, recommended viscosity grades, and more.  Users are invited to enter a piece of equipment and the site will “advise” the user of the recommended FS products.


We encourage you to explore both sites, and, and see how they work together to provide the latest information regarding equipment needs and top performing FS branded lubricants, greases and coolants. 

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