Dieselex Gold and Top Tier Diesel Fuel

The Top Tier Diesel Fuel program was launched in September 2017, and several FAST STOP® locations were among the first retailers to be registered as Top Tier Diesel Fuel sites.

What is the Top Tier Diesel Fuel program?

Engine manufacturers recognize that not all fuel is equal and are becoming more concerned about the quality of the fuel used to operate the engines they design. For this reason, several manufacturers, led by GM, have come together to outline Top Tier Diesel Fuel standards. The standards improve diesel fuel quality by establishing specific performance requirements that benefit modern diesel engines.

What fuel characteristics do modern diesel engines require?

Diesel engines continue to evolve, with tighter tolerances and high-pressure common rail (HPCR) technology. Top Tier Diesel Fuel standards address issues associated with diesel fuel, such as internal and external fuel injector deposits, excess friction and wear on critical engine components, fuel oxidation, and external fuel contamination.

What did FS change to meet this program?

Absolutely nothing. For over 65 years, the FS system has been maximizing engine efficiency, restoring lost power, and protecting tanks and fuel system components with Dieselex® and, most recently, Dieselex Gold. FS strives to provide the best fuel in the industry by not only meeting but exceeding the new Top Tier Diesel Fuel standards.

How does Dieselex Gold exceed Top Tier Diesel Fuel standards?

While Top Tier Diesel Fuel establishes a higher standard for diesel fuels, Dieselex Gold raises the bar even further. In addition to all the benefits a Top Tier Diesel Fuel provides, Dieselex Gold continues to provide the additional benefits that add value to users. They include: cleaning up dirty injectors to restore lost power, controlling moisture accumulation to keep storage tanks dryer, increasing the cetane number to improve ignition quality, and inhibiting corrosion of engine and fuel system components.

In short, fuel selection matters. Choose a high-quality fuel that keeps your equipment running with the intended power and efficiency that it was engineered to provide, while also protecting your engine from unscheduled maintenance.

For more information about Dieselex Gold, contact your local FS Energy Specialist. To find a list of the FAST STOP Top Tier Diesel Fuel registered sites, please visit www.efaststop.com.

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