Introducing FS Lube Advisorâ„ 

New Web Site for High Performance FS Lubricants and Fluids

Lubricant, coolant, and grease recommendations for on-road and off-road equipment are now available on the FS Lube AdvisorSM web site.  Just enter a little information about your equipment and you'll get the answers you need.  Click here:

A Million Miles with "GOLD"

Dieselex Gold and Suprex Gold ESP

Our good customer,  Dave Marti, of Dave Marti Trucking in Forrest, Illinois allowed us to come along as the mechanic disassembled his engine after a million miles of service.  Dave used FS Dieselex Gold and FS Suprex Gold the entire time.  Needless to say, we were pleased with the results.  Click on "Read More" below to see the 13 minute video.

We Blend It, We Back It

It's Not Just an Empty Promise!

The phrase “We Blend It, We Back It” is not just an empty promise. FS Lubricants are manufactured at the GROWMARK Lubricants Manufacturing facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa, using the highest-quality base oils and state-of-the-art additives. Our system consistently produces high-quality products and proudly stands behind them. Click "Read More" below to take a virtual tour of our facility.

Warm Up to FS Coolants

Antifreeze/coolant products are mostly water and glycol, but about 4% of the formulation contains additives.  That small portion of the mixture does some important things including preventing cavitation on wet sleeve liners and inhibiting corrosion throughout the cooling system.

Dieselex Gold and Top Tier Diesel Fuel

The Top TierTM Diesel Fuel program was launched in September 2017, and several FAST STOP® locations were among the first retailers to be registered as Top Tier Diesel Fuel sites.

What is the Right Filter for Fuel Storage?

Choosing the right fuel filter isn't as easy as it used to be. There are many more options and factors to consider.  This article explains a bit more about the various filters and media sizes, as well as the types of media that are now available.

Still Using No. 1 Diesel? Think Again.

Fuel treated with FS SURE-FLO outperforms No. 1 fuel dilutions

Historically, No. 1 diesel was used to improve the wintertime diesel operability characteristics of No. 2 diesel fuel. If you've been doing this, it's time to reconsider.

High Temp High Shear: Put It to the Test

CK-4 heavy duty oils perform better than CJ-4 oils, are backwards compatible and can replace CJ-4 engine oils. Make the change as soon as your current supply of CJ-4 oil is depleted.

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