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Archer Lubricants

Archer has been producing quality lubricants for farmers and heavy duty equipment operators since 1929.

Fast Stop

Through our Fast Stop® brand, we support a branded marketer network that spans across the central United States.

FS Propane

When it comes to managing your propane needs, no one is more qualified than the propane specialists at FS.

FS Propane Specialist

Our Propane Specialists regularly monitor the performance of the propane systems we serve and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they are safe and efficient.

FS System

The FS brand represents a standard of excellence for agricultural and energy-related products.


Through an affiliated network of supply and grain cooperatives, Growmark provides our customers with the products they trust, as well as the means to store, market, and deliver those products.

United Lubricants

For over 75 years, United Lubricants has built our reputation on high quality lubricants, greases and industrial fluids.

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