FS Synthetic 40 Transmission Fluid

FS Synthetic 40 Transmission Fluid is a full-synthetic transmission oil formulated for excellent gear wear protection during long drain intervals established by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for transmissions in over-the-road trucks, vocational service trucks and off-road equipment. It is thermally stable and is designed to resist heat, deposits and viscosity increase. It is shear-stable, dampens shock-loads and has high film strength and load-carrying capacity. It portrays good seal compatibility and excellent cold flow properties and is formulated with anti-rust, anti-foam, and is non-corrosive to yellow metals.

Features and Benefits: 

  • 500,000-mile service life in long-haul trucks (following OEM specifications and guidelines)
  • Excellent protection of heavily loaded gears during long drain intervals
  • Provides enhanced protection at high temperatures
  • Maintains clean gears and bearings
  • Designed to improve cold-weather shifting and efficiency
  • Designed to extend seal life and prevent leaks
  • Protects against moisture

Always refer to the owner’s manual for the proper recommendation.

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