FS Sump Clean

FS Sump Clean is particularly well suited for loosening sludges, dirt, fatty materials, and other coolant deposits prior to a complete cleanout of a metalworking fluid sump. Simply add 10 to 30 ounces of FS Sump Clean concentrate per every 50 gallons of coolant in the system to be cleaned (.002 to .005 x total gallons in the system x 128 ounces = treatment rate).


FS Sump Clean should be added to the metalworking coolant 24-48 hours prior to a complete system clean out. During this time, the CNC machine should be in operation, the coolant flowing, and parts being made. If possible, have the operator direct coolant spray into the recesses of the equipment to loosen chips and other debris. Once the coolant/ soap mixture is pumped out of the tank, additional cleaning of the sump, chip conveyor, etc. may take place.


NOTE: FS Sump Clean may be used to clean the exteriors of the CNC machines (dilute 10:1 with water, then spray and wipe until clean). FS Sump Clean is not intended as a vehicle wash, as the product may swirl the paint. Always test in an inconspicuous place prior to cleaning a painted surface.

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