FS Railroad Engine Oil SAE 20W-40, 11 TBN

FS Railroad Engine Oil is formulated to provide year-round lubrication in two- and four-cycle, low- and highhorsepower, turbocharged, railroad, marine, and stationary medium-speed diesel engines requiring zinc-free lubrication. Its optimized additive formulation has a reduced ash content and incorporates advanced dispersant technology. It enhances oxidation and thermal stability and improves yellow metal wear protection. FS Railroad Engine Oil is formulated to provide low- and ultra-low-sulfur diesel consumption, lower deposits, and longer filter life.

Features and Benefits: 

  • OEM approval
  • Meets current GE and EMD specifications
  • Qualifies for unrestricted use in GE and EMD high-horsepower turbo-charged diesel engines
  • No warranty restrictions
  • Improved anti-wear for component life along with improved bearing and metal wear protection
  • Optimized TBN levels formulated for use with low- and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels
  • Extended oil drain intervals
  • Extended filter life
  • Improved cold weather starting
  • Zinc-free protection
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