FS MultiCut 68

FS MultiCut 68 enables the fluid to more effectively cool the work piece while at the same time increasing the effectiveness of filtration. The combination of these attributes makes FS MultiCut 68 an excellent choice for grinding multi metals for gears, aerospace parts, and other difficult to grind alloys. FS MultiCut 68 has proven particularly effective for grinding Ttitanium, REX 76, M-2, M-4, and various other grades of tool steels and stainless steels.


Product Benefits:

  • Chlorine Free
  • Superior anti-misting properties
  • Excellent wetting and boundary lubrication
  • Low foaming
  • Low/ No Odor
  • Transparent appearance for high visibility
  • High flash point
  • Will not form residues under normal operating conditions
  • Resistant to oxidation and hydrolytic breakdown
  • Non- smoking
  • Residues are easily removed from parts with aqueous cleaning systems (Such as KW 1000 or KW 6010- RP)
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