FS KW 1000

FS KW 1000 is best used at temperatures ranging from 140o F to 160o F, especially in high pressure spray booths, or applications with high agitation. NOTE: Below 1400 F, FS KW 1000 will create excessive foam. FS KW 1000 is also capable of performing very well at room temperatures where agitation is not part of the washing process (floor scrubbers, mopping, spray & wipe, etc.).


FS KW 1000 is unique in that it has a moderate pH when diluted, further enhancing the safety of the product when compared with other caustic cleaners. FS KW 1000 also contains a very good rust inhibitor, so short term protection is available and flash rust should not occur. FS KW 1000 is generally used by diluting in water at ratios of 10:1 to 20:1. A 5 gallon pail of FS KW 1000 will make 100 gallons of parts cleaner at 20:1.

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