FS Kool Kut 384 AL

FS Kool Kut 384-AL is a heavy duty, Micro Emulsion that exhibits excellent tool life characteristics and superior low foaming tendencies. It is formulated to fit the all-purpose needs of both large and small plant operations, and is a great choice when machining dissimilar metals like stainless, brass, bronze, and multiple grades of aluminum. FS Kool Kut 384-AL contains unique properties that provide excellent lubricity, form clean and stable emulsions, and promote exceptional operator acceptance. Additionally, the product is well known for its rust inhibiting qualities and its resistance to microbial degradation. Most importantly, FS Kool Kut 384-AL is usable across a broad range of water sources. From RO and DI water applications, to extremely hard water sources – up to 1,000 ppm (Rockford water averages 200 ppm).

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