FS Kool Kut 350 MB

FS Kool Kut 350 MB is formulated to meet demands of aerospace, weapons, and automotive manufacturing environments. It also meets the challenges encountered with machining exotic alloys, stainless steels, various grades of aluminum, and other difficult materials. FS Kool Kut 350 MB has surpassed the lubricity characteristics of each competitive coolant evaluated through several comparative tests (micro tap evaluations) run. This product is an excellent choice for increasing productivity and reducing tool consumption with a chlorine and sulfur-free product.


FS Kool Kut 350 MB runs clean, while remaining bio-stable and non-staining. This product can be used for both small and large volume. It is capable of being run in hard water sources, while upholding low foaming characteristics in RO and DI water systems.

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