FS FG 6 EXP Full Synthetic Grinding Oil

FS FG 6 EXP is a Polyalphaolefin (PAO), full synthetic product formulated for high-speed precision grinding. FS FG 6 EXP is a proven product for grinding carbide, high-speed steel, surgical stainless, PCD, tool steels, ceramic materials, M-2, M-4, and REX 76. The product is suitable for flute grinding, gear grinding, lapping, and honing operations.

FS FG 6 EXP is very low foaming, non-misting, and capable of being filtered down to one micron. When utilizing FS FG 6 EXP in operations, there can be exceptional oxidation stability, longer product life, increased speed, improved feed rates, and a greater degree of operator acceptance.

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