FS Extended Life NOAT Coolant/Antifreeze (Red)

FS Extended Life NOAT (organic acid technology featuring nitrite) Coolant/Antifreeze is formulated to meet the requirements of today’s advanced heavy-duty engines. It offers excellent wet sleeve liner cavitation protection, with the addition of a nitrite and molybdate combination. FS Extended Life NOAT Coolant/Antifreeze is designed to provide effective long-term heat transfer and corrosion protection of cooling system components.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives (SCAs), chemically charged filters, and corrosion-inhibitor testing.
  • Over-the-road protection: 1,000,000 miles onroad
  • Off-road protection: 20,000 hours or 8 years
  • Excellent hot surface aluminum protection.
  • Outstanding protection in high operating temperatures.
  • Can accept up to a 25% contamination level when mixing with other coolants with no detrimental effect to corrosion protection or reduction of the extended life properties
  • Nonabrasive formula can improve water pump seal life
  • FS Extended Life NOAT Coolant/Antifreeze delivers total cooling system protection for service life with the addition of an extender at half-life


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