FS Clean Flow™

FS CLEAN FLOW is designed to:

  • Provides 2.5 times the EPA minimum required level of detergent for IVD’s (Intake Valve Deposits). (NOTE: This is the sum of the LAC (Lowest Additive Concentration) in the gasoline plus this additive at its prescribed dosage.)
  • Contains eight times the minimum level of detergent for carburetors [8Xpfi (Port Fuel Injection) level].
  • Ensure up to 6 times improvement in gum-free storage life compared to most gasoline.

FS CLEAN FLOW prevents gum formation from both routes and includes extra Intake Valve Detergent to achieve a level 3X the minimum specified (LAC) by the EPA. The combination approach prevents formation of gum, prevents lay down of gum, and disperses coke that may have formed. The detergent has also been selected to prevent depositing/fouling from sulfate contamination from ethanol.

Your engines start clean, clean up, and stay clean.

FS Clean Flow™
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