FS CG 4708-10 Aqueous Rust Preventative

FS CG 4708-10 is an aqueous rust preventative used to impart short term indoor corrosion protection on metal parts, tanks, equipment, and machine tool surfaces. FS CG 4708-10 does not contain any nitrates, nitrites, silicates, borates, phenols, anti-foam additives, or heavy metals, and the product may be diluted further with water depending on the need and the application.

Usage: Short Term Indoor Protection/ Metalworking Fluid Additive:
FS CG 4708-10 provides excellent short-term protection against rust for metal parts/surfaces that are to be stored indoors (1-2 months in climate controlled atmospheres). The residue imparted by FS CG 4708-10 is such that the film is barely perceptible. This makes an excellent coating for work-in-progress protection, since FS CG 4708-10 will not affect coolant systems once the parts are re-introduced for secondary operations. Recommended dilutions with water are 2:1 to 10:1, depending on the residue desired and the amount of indoor protection required.

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