FS CG 4696-168SS Rust Preventative - Salt Spray Protection

FS CG 4696- 168SS offers high-quality salt spray protection with a solvent cut back corrosion inhibitor, specially formulated to protect parts for overseas shipments and indoor storage near seaside environments. FS CG 4696- 168SS is non-staining to metal surfaces (stacked and coiled parts will not blemish) and provides excellent water displacement characteristics.

FS CG 4696- 168SS is to be used straight from the container. Parts should be sprayed or dipped to insure total coverage and protection. FS CG 4696- 168SS is NOT formulated for outdoor storage (even if tarped).

FS CG 4696- 168SS may be removed easily from parts with an alkaline cleaner like KW 1000.

Storage: FS CG 4696- 168SS should be stored at room temperatures (between 55 to 95 °F). Keep away from sparks, open flames, and other sources of ignition as product and empty containers could contain combustible, flammable, or ignitable substances. Do not weld or cut empty drums.

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