Dieselex Gold

Since 1952, Dieselex® Gold has been improving diesel fuel performance. By optimizing eight unique chemistries in combination with #2 diesel fuel, Dieselex Gold has earned a reputation for restoring lost horsepower, improving fuel efficiency and protecting today’s sophisticated fuel systems.

  • Exceeds ASTM D975 requirements for #2 diesel fuel
  • Exceeds ASTM D396 requirements for #2 burner fuel oil
  • Meets or exceeds the “premium” criteria recommended by NCWM, EMA, and TMC for thermal stability and detergency
  • Passes industry standard for DW-10 and XUD-9 Injector Test (Detergency Measurement)
  • Delivers lubricity protection targeted at minimum 460 µm (HFRR test procedure—ASTM 6097) and easily exceeds the Engine Manufacturer’s Association (EMA) recommendations.
  • Passes the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) fuel corrosion test (ASTM 665A)
FS Gold Standard Seal
FS Gold Standard

FS Dieselex® Gold and Suprex Gold® ESP: Setting New Standards in Total Engine Performance and Protection

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